Dore Alley Street Fair, 7.31.00

I brought out my Can Can corset again for this year's Dore Alley Street Fair. This is sort of a warm-up for the big Folsom Street Fair in September, which is THE Leather Pride Event of the Year. A gentleman handed me a postcard and told me that I looked fabulous, and that Mark Chester was doing digital portraits and to stop by and get photographed. The card was an invite with directions to Mark's studio on Folsom. I had been there before, for his annual Sex Art shows in the fall around Leather Week.

Mark had some lights and a backdrop set up in his living room. His flat is utterly spartan, with erotic art photography on display at all times. His kitchen is full of all sorts of figure drawings from a class he teaches. Quite luscious in that naked men sketches kind of way. He told me I was the first person with purple hair that he had photographed all day.

You can view more of Mark I Chester's work at his site.

Can Can corset
Check out this body art!

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