Sutro Cinch

In April 2000 there was an event held in San Francisco called the Erotica2000. Basically it was an adult-oriented tradeshow, geared towards the retail public. There was a promotional-cocktail-photo-op-schmoozathon held and shown below is how I dressed to attend. I got to grab this corset quickly out of the finished goods stock and borrow it for work promotion purposes.

I finally got a Sutro Cinch of my own, and it's black with a black patent inset, so it matches with both my leather and PVC clothing.

Sutro cinch

So, this woman ran up to me, drunkenly shouting "Purple! Purple! We HAVE to take a picture!" So I quickly handed my camera to my friend and told him to take a picture. I think he did a great job....

Check out this body art!

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