These images were taken at a performance by Church of Satan members that happened at Bondage-A-Go-Go in San Francisco one Halloween. There were all sorts of bloodplay done as part of the show. This is where one man was cut and then cupped over the cut to draw out the blood which he later poured into a bowl and drank.

cups being placed

His chest is cut with a scalpel.

a full cupping in progress

Here you can see a bit of blood run down his chest while the woman assisting heat the air in a glass inspirator with a lighter.

Here he holds the cup after it was placed on his chest to make sure it forms a good seal. The vacumn created by the heat caused the blood to spurt pretty dramatically inside the cup.

Here the cup is about to be removed. The suction can be very strong so you have to be careful. You can see where the man has the bowl ready to catch the blood from the cup.

Check out this body art!

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