The Venus Hunters by J.G. Ballard
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The Venus Hunters - 1980

This title is currently out of print in the U.S.

"A space-ship from Venus has landed and given a warning to humanity: abandon the space programme or face the consequences. Was it just one more sighting of a UFO which never existed? Or a hallucination? Or did Charles Kandinski really meet a Venusian out in the desert? The Venus Hunters is one of ten typically bizarre stories marked by Ballard's astonishing power to evoke worlds which are worlds apart."

  • commentary from the back cover of the Panther edition
  • "Now Zero"
  • "The Time-Tombs"
  • "Track 12"
  • "Passport to Eternity"
  • "Escapement"
  • "Time of Passage"
  • "The Venus Hunters"
  • "The Killing Ground"
  • "One Afternoon at Utah Beach"
  • "The 60 Minute Zoom"
Ballard's Futures Imperfect
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