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Empire of the Sun

  • J.G. Ballard in foreward to 1985 Washington Square Press printing
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Empire of The Sun - movie

Director: Steven Spielberg. Starring Christian Bale, John Malkovitch, Ben Stiller

Spielberg's adaptation of Ballard's semi-autobiographical account as a boy of his experiences in a Japanese internment camp during World War II. This film also bears the distinction of being the first Western film to be allowed to film in mainland China.

Ballard did take part in filming, making a cameo appearance in a Christmas party scene, however he is not visible in the finished film. In an article he wrote about it, he described the unreality of the scene, how it was more real than the moment it was depicting with all the exact details of the time period on the set.

Empire of the Sun - soundtrack

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Ballard's Futures Imperfect
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