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Rushing To Paradise - paperback

Rushing To Paradise - Special Order/Audio Cassette - unabridged

Travelling to the Pacific islands usually found in his short stories is this eco-drama. An idealistic boy joins an environmental team to save the Pelican on a South Seas island. In his attempt to run away from his father's death and his own impending maturity, Neil comes of age in the midst of a grassroots, eco-terrorism action.

"Rushing to Paradise tells the story of sixteen-year-old Neil Dempsey, who finds himself caught up in veteran campaigner Dr. Barbara Rafferty's obsessive crusade to save the albatross on the deserted Pacific atoll of Saint-Esprit.

The threat to the rare bird's breeding ground comes from the French engineers and soldiers who have begun to build an airstrip on this former nuclear testing site. When Neil is shot on a rescue mission led by Dr. Barbara, the attention of the world's media turns to the tiny island and its stricken birds. International pressure drives away the French, and Saint-Esprit becomes a sanctuary - an island paradise for Neil, Dr. Barbara, environmentalists, and a collection of the world's endangered species.

Paradise, however, is not what is seems in this brilliant new novel by one of the greatest writers of our time."

  • comments from dust jacket of 1996 Picador hardback edition

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