ReSearch #8/9 J.G. Ballard, Conversations and Quotes
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J.G. Ballard Conversations

I had ordered this volume direct from publisher V. Vale last December, and they finally arrived this summer! And well worth the wait too! Gathered together here are a series of conversations with writer J.G. Ballard, with V. Vale, Graeme Revell, Mark Pauline, Lynne Fox, Maura Devereux, along with commentary from David Pringle.

J.G. Ballard: Quotes

This book too was well worth the wait. I got this one in the hardback, signed edition as a special treat for myself. I've loved the quotes from the endpages of the Re/Search Ballard volume ever since I first read through them. This is a rich index of Ballardian commentary that will mystify and sastisfy those new to and familiar with Ballard's mode of thought.

J.G. Ballard has had his fingers on a strange universal pulse for many years, somehow seeing just around the corner in time. His comments, whether in fictional form from his literary characters, or from himself in interviews, are truly unique.

This new collection from Re/Search is like a box of psychopathology candy. Your brain is going to be nibbling on these bits for a long time. The collection draws from his published work, private notes, and interviews. If the usual inspirational sayings leave you feeling rather flat, just open a page of this book and read one at random. Chances are you will be thinking about it the rest of the day.

The quotes are organized into topical sections including (but not limited to) The Future, The Past, Virtual Reality, Celebrity, Death, Film, Art, Technology and Science, America, Airports, Freeways, Swimming Pools, Car Crash, Sex, William S. Burroughs, and reflections by Ballard on his unique life and experiences.

A great book for Ballard fans, those who love to discuss/debate, or anyone who likes to keep their brain dusted off.

 Re/Search #8/9 J.G. Ballard

"Highly acclaimed as a science fiction writer, J.G. Ballard far transcends that label. Ballard has delineated an updated mythology and philosophy coherent for our times, ranging from his investigation of the psychosexual significance of the car crash (in Crash) to the barbarism latent in a new vertical condominium (High-Rise). In this strikingly illustrated volume, encompassing interviews and a wealth of rare selections from every aspect of Ballard's career, introduce yourself to the advanced thinking of a major contemporary writer."

copy from the back cover of Re/Search #8/9

This has become one of the main guides to British author J.G. Ballard. First published in 1984, this volume is comprised of interviews with Ballard (1982-83), a selection of fiction, non-fiction, a thorough biography, critical commentary about Ballard, some collages created by Ballard, and an extensive group of quotes and comments. Photography includes a many pics of Ballard himself, and "Ballardian" photography by Bobby Neel Adams and Ana Barrado.

Ballard's Futures Imperfect
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