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Nipple Piercings

For those who choose to have their nipples pierced, healing times run between three and six months for most men, and six to twelve months for most women. This is a major piercing, considered a deep tissue wound technically. The piercing heals from the outer edges back towards the center and can often take a long time to become comfortably established. Women experience longer healing times as their piercings are often through more body tissue and their breast tissue changes with hormonal fluctuations.

Once the piercings are healed, their are many jewelry choices available for nipple piercings. Barbells can be straight or curved with many decorative end balls. Bead rings can be fixed or captured, again with many bead options and dangles available. All nipple jewelry should be at least 14 gauge thick to avoid slicing into the tissues. Breast tis êsue responds well to slow stretching and nipple jewelry gauge can easily be increased by enlarging with professional tapered stretching. Consult a professional piercer for recommendations for increasing jewelry diameter and thickness.


man's pierced nipple

fresh 14g piercing in man's nipple

well-established 10g piercing in a woman's nipple

Piercings heal from the outside in, so what your nipples are doing is growing a tunnel from the two sides of the nipple to surround the new jewelry. The surfaces can look healed whereas the inside areas might not be healed totally together, so don’t rush to change into new jewelry for the first year. You will also want to avoid hot tubs or pools as the chemicals in the water can irritate and inflame healing piercings. Use laundry products without dyes or scent additives while the nipple piercings are still healing to avoid reactions.

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