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So, who am I? What the heck am I doing here? What the heck are you doing here? Do I have any naked pictures of myself on this site? Is there a main index thingy?

My name is Rae, and welcome to my web site. Being here is a lot like being in my head, and yes, it's meant to be that way. I enjoy and support the First Amendment, and my right to speak about whatever I choose, in whichever manner I choose.. The general site index can be found HERE, or by clicking the links that say ReLâCHE found at the bottom of the site pages.

I have written a general biography of myself, as well as including my resume, but here's the basics. After a 12 year residency, I have left San Francisco and am now lving in Seattle. Yes, the incredibly high cost of living finally got to me. $1000 a month for a studio apartment really sucks, even when you add in the incredibly liberal atmosphere.

Here I get things like an organic backyard, my immediate biological family is in this area and the weather is perfect for moss farming.

the webmastress herself at an early age....

Portraits and Photos of Rae

You want pics of me, the above is the page.... ok, it's the page that leads to more pages....

One of my biggest passions in life, from childhood to the present has been "playing dress-up." That includes Halloween, the everyday theatrics of haircoloring, corsets and wearable art. And let's not forget about all that body art....

The Latest News and Events:

The Cheat - my latest pop culture obsession....

Play with my virtual Pet Fish! - Yes, it's a virtual fish. His name is Frisco, and if you decide to visit him, please take a few moments to talk to him, feed him, give him vitamins or sing a song or two. He loves that.

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