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Currently I am the Editor for the Body Art topics over at Bellaonline.com. The Body Art site has one of the highest traffic rankings and average reads per article out of the more than 400 topics. Go check it out sometime. I've been an editor with them since 2002 and it's still fun and I'm still learning from it.

I've been making stories up in my head for longer than I can remember. Creative writing drove some of my classmates mad in high school, but it was one of those areas where I felt pretty comfortable. To me, talking and writing are pretty much the same, and those of you who know me, know how I talk, and talk, and talk. Really, it WAS worse when I was a kid....

I continued my creative writing in college. Some stuff was creative things I worked into other classes, and I managed to take a few writing classes for my own pleasure as well. The highlight of my college writing career was when I applied and was accepted to the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Workshop as part of a writing class assignment in spring 1989. One week after graduation, I flew to East Lansing, Michigan for the six week program.

Reviews posted at Amazon.com - I've had reviews for some of my favorite books posted to Amazon for a few years now. Sometimes readers even vote for my reivews. (schilling for votes openly....)

Stormy Leather 15th Anniversary - feature piece, written for KPPT (Kinky People, Places and Things)

Michael Rosen's Lust and Romance - art book review, written for KPPT

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