Jerusalem Cross

The day I got the eggshell shoulder piece done, my friend Jayson Murray was also along to get a tattoo from Greg Kulz. He had a favorite necklace and he wanted to get the design of the charm, a Jerusalem Cross, done as his tattoo. The explanation text was given to him by his friend Diane and I was able to add this here after my friend Heather gave me a copy of the same book.

The first photo shows the tattoo just a few hours after completion. As you can see it is oozing blood and lymph and ink. It is as raised as it looks. The bottom photo show the tattoo after a few weeks. New tattoos are soooo solid and dark, it's fantastic!

Jayson was the first friend who thought my pursuit of body piercing was cool, and he was the one who first took me to Body Manipulations, right after they first opened on Fillmore St. Jay had a few earrings himself and in February 1992 he got a guiche piercing.

jerusalem cross symbolism
jay's tattoo fresh

jay's tattoo healed
Check out this body art!

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