This is Chris DeVito, whom I met while we were both attending the Clarion SF Writers Workshop at MSU during the summer of 1989. We had a great fling during those six weeks, and it ended up lasting two years all together.

Below left is a tribal armband design that I sent him, along with a closeup of the inner arm geometric detail.

Below center is a photo of Chris' forearm I took once when passing through O'Hare Airport in Chicago, and Chris drove three hours just to see me for 20 minutes between connecting flights, so we could show each other our new ink. It's a combinations of two Borneon tribal designs, hooked tail to tail. If I remember correctly, one is a dog and one is a scorpion.

Below right is the piece on Chris's shoulder, the Celtic knot from the cover of King Crimson's Discipline album.

chris devito
native american armband
tribal forearm tattoo
King Crimson celtic design
geometric accent
Check out this body art!

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