Japanese Tea Garden
These images all showcase the Japanese Tea Garden, located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The Tea Garden is adjacent the newly opened De Young museum. It was first begun in 1894. There are many unique features to this garden, including a large temple structure, various gates and statues (including a gigantic Buddha) and many paths that meader gently among beautiful trees and plants.

There is a small tea house where you can take tea and look out over the gardens.

This location was used to shoot some outdoor scenes for the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha." The cherry blossoms you see on the trees in the movie were silk flowers, hand-tied onto the trees as the scenes were shot during January, not exactly the time for cherry blossoms to be in full flower.

Visiting Tricks: The garden has free admission the first and last hour that it is open each day. Hours vary seasonally so be sure to check before you head over there. And the #44 bus runs right past it, making it easy for both locals and tourists to get to the garden.

Dwarf Tree Collection
Buddha, cast in 1796
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