Rachel, Nevada, adjacent Area 51 and the Extraterrestrial Highway

UFO Central. We had to be running higher on the alien scale than most of the locals the day we blew through Rachel, NV, home of the Little A'Le'Inn. There's not much but clover farms and UFO sightings on this stretch of Nevada Highway 375. It was an unsually windy May day, with gusts hitting upwards of 40mph on occasion. (the wind meter at the Little Aleinn was quite the toy to watch during lunch)

We recommend the Alien Burgers for lunch. Our waitress provided us with a graphic description of just how they hold the aliens over the grill and then squeeze 'em to get the special sauce. ...mmmmm, alien goo.....

Souviners are plentiful. And they will ship, just as a note to those of you with limited car space for acquisitions.

The ID4 statue dedication

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