Yep, this is a gigantic ferro-concrete sculpture of a troll, living under a bridge in Seattle.

To the locals he is known as the Fremont Troll, as that is the neighborhood he lives in. You will find him under the north end of the Aurora Avenue bridge (at N. 36th St) where he has been living since 1990. A real VW Bug is embedded in his hand. He was sculpted by Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter and Ross Whitehead, the winning concept for a public art project commissioned by the Fremont Arts Council.

On Halloween there is a special "Trollaween" party with a parade that starts at the Troll and winds down into Fremont, featuring art installations, puppets and performance pieces that involve fire.

That's me and my friend Wolf, as photographed by my Dad, April 7, 2001.

Seattle's giant troll
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