Jimi Hendrix Gravesite

The grave site for Jimi Hendrix is located at
Greenwood Memorial Park
350 Monroe Ave NE
Renton, WA 98056-4151

The cemetary is approximately a thirty-five minute drive south from Seattle. I went there with my dad in September of 2001. It was about 10 days after the WTC disaster.

On the map below, Jimi is located at the sideways "X", adjacent the sundial, indicated with a circle.

A guy who was also there paying his respects told us that there used to be a large granite Stratocaster over the grave but that after repeated thefts, they switched to the flat headstone style. He also mentioned once that a guy was once arrested out at the site, digging....

*Update: Jimi Hendrix's grave has been moved, you can read about it here.

In the city itself, try and visit the Hendrix room at the EMP. Travel tip: go as early as possilbe, right when EMP opens so there's no crowd and you can take your time. That room alone is worth several hours.

Hendrix Mural in Seattle

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