After my multi-strike branding, and cautery branding, Fakir Musafar gave a short demonstration of cupping, before coaching me for my branding of my friend Darren. The woman who volunteered had been branded by Fakir a few years ago at a demonstration at another leather group.

I also once saw a cupping done as part of a larger performance art piece.

She has never tried cupping before. This comes from ancient acupuncture treatments, and is felt to help draw impurities out of the body via congestion.

First, you massage the skin with a lotion or oil to make it supple and smooth. This helps the cups attach securely and comfortably. A small alcohol torch is made, the air inside one of the cups, called inspirators, is heated then quickly plopped down onto the skin. Cups can be applied alone, or in multiples. They go best onto the flatter parts of the body, and the back, buttocks and chest are popular sites.

the cupping volunteer also had a branding, which healed very raised.

cups being placed
a full cupping in progress

As the air inside the cup cools, it forms a vacumn, drawing up a good amount of skin, forming a dome inside the cup.

Here is the cupping subject, covered with nineteen glass inspirators. Fakir said the the colors of the skin inside indicates impurities in the organs below. Pink or reddish color is healthy, blue or purple indicates imbalances or illness. The cups were left in place for about twenty minutes, then removed. She was covered in circular welts, like a giant squid had molested her! Such marks can last for several weeks before fully fading.

Check out this body art!

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