I've been assembling special areas in my house, what I call "shrines", ever since I was in high school. In college I became interested in crystals and the growing New Age movement. In my twenties, I became interested in magick of a Wiccan-oriented nature. I now consider myself a general pagan, not attached to any particular school of practice or thought. However, it is very clear that Eastern and ancient religious thought does better for me than other spiritual avenues.

I used to live in a studio apartment. The main room just happened to be oriented almost true to the cardinal directions. After attending my first PantheaCon in 2000 I came home and rearranged the entire room to fit in a shrine to each one of the four elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Later I added a fifth shrine for Spirit.






PantheaCon 2002 Shrine

PantheaCon 2003 Shrine

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