I've had two occasions to have my aura photographed, and the results you can see below. The images are nearly ten years apart, with the first coming from a gem and crystal show in Santa Cruz, and the second from the 2000 PantheaCon in San Francisco.

I didn't take notes during my readings either time (but I will if I get the chance again) so I can't recall too much about the color spread. With the second reading, the woman told me that the burgundy line between the yellow and black is psychic powers.

My latest adventures with my aura came at the first Pagan Pride Day in SF on 9/14/02. There was a woman who had a Kirlian camera, and I just had to see what things were looking like. As you can see, things were VERY different with this aura photo. I did not take notes (yet again) The lady said I was under angelic protection, and considering it was my deceased maternal grandmother's birthday, that did not surprise me too much. I've still got those two lines radiating away below my head that mean I give of myself a bit too much.

sometime in the early 90s

February 2000

September 2002

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