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There are certain elements in the world that are best described as cyber culture. It would seem they all involve some form of animation. I don't draw anything like this myself, but I sure seem to enjoy this form of expression in others. Take a look....

angryalien.com - thirty second movie re-enactments by animated bunnies. this woman is a genius. i stumbled across Jennifer Shiman's work when the only re-enactment created was "Jaws" and i've been virtually addicted ever since.

eyezmaze - these interactive puzzles are delightful as long as you toggle the sound to off. the evolutionary order has to be just right to solve them.

  • Grow
    • Cube - an interactive evolution involving little people, tiny trees, a big red ball and various other props. See the solution for Cube.
    • RPG - a tiny D&D themed evolution. See the solution for RPG.
    • Ver.3 - a mechanical evolution. See the solution for Ver.3


kubrick2001.com - a space odyssey explained - a four part synopsis that breaks down and explains the movie. if it's never made sense to you, give this site a try.

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