latex bodypainting

There are a few different ways the application of liquid latex can be varied, either to make it easier to work with or to achieve different effects.


The painting area needs a balance of ventilation, as liquid latex lets off a small amount of ammonia vapors, and warmth, so that the model doesn’t become chilled by the drying/evaporating liquid latex. Be sure to let each coat dry completely before applying the next one, and use three or more coats for the best solid coverage. You can use a hair dryer to help with drying, but be sure not to dry out those brushes!

Foam brushes and rollers will provide the smoothest finish. For large areas and full body coverage, 2”-3” widths are good, with 1.5”-1” working well for edges and details. Have extras on hand, as once any latex dries on the foam brush, it ruins it, as the dried latex will keep sticking to the latex that is already dried on your model and will actually rip it off. Keep brushes in water if you have to take a break while you are working, and then squeeze them out well when you start up again.

Bristle brushes, sponges and fingers all work for applying liquid latex, and each gives a different effect and texture. Liquid latex looks almost pastel when wet, and dries to a much darker shade. Think out your designs to decide if it’s better to layer dark colors over light or vice versa. Some liquid latex colors are black-light sensitive and stripes and spots can get much more exciting in the dark.

Making custom clothing

Normally, getting liquid latex on clothing is a bad thing, as it tends to cause permanent damage in either texture or color. However, this feature can be played to one great advantage and that is it does allow for the creation of custom latex clothing. This is a good method for cat-suit style outfits or costumes especially.

Find a spandex/nylon stretch cat-suit that fits you snugly, and has a zipper down the torso that lets you in and out of the garment. You will need this feature to make the suit fit well. Put on the cat-suit and paint the entire thing with liquid latex. Let each layer dry well before applying the next one. Once the entire suit has several dry layers, it will be as thick as a fitted cat-suit patterned from sheet latex. Polish the entire surface when you are done painting, unzip and climb out. Store the suit away from sunlight and any contact with anything metallic or oily for longest life. Repair with more liquid latex as necessary.

Decorating Regular Latex Clothing

Liquid latex can also be used to temporarily dress up regular latex clothing. Sheet latex is vulcanized, and liquid latex air cures, which makes them stick together but only until you peel them apart. If you own plain-colored latex clothing, you can paint designs or patterns on them with the various liquid latex colors. Just polish and you’re set to go out. You can change the accents as often as you like.

Check out this body art!

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