The PantheaCon is a pagan-oriented convention, sponsored and presented by Ancient Ways, a metaphysical store based in Oakland, California. It is the only event of its kind on the West Coast, and takes place for four days over Presidents Day weekend in February. You often have overlap with Valentine's Day and Carnival too, so there is plenty of time and lots of good energy.

A large variety of workshops, classes, lectures, gatherings and rituals take place all over the convention venue, which is a Bay Area hotel. I first went to PantheaCon in 2000, and for the first two times I went the con was in San Francisco. For the 2002 event, it was held in San Jose. Sadly, I have no pictures at all from the first year I attended.

PantheaCon 2001

  • Partial Costume - Here is me in the outfit, but not wearing the mask that I wore for the costume contest. These pics are from Esther, who also does great henna....

PantheaCon 2002

  • Clay Meditation- I took a workshop that was a clay meditation, whereby you would just create spontaneously with clay and then the workshop leader interpreted what you made from a Jungian perspective.
  • Costume Contest - I created a costume of Nyx, Goddess of Night, for the contest
  • Hotel Shrine - here is a photo of the shrine I created in my hotel room while attending PantheaCon in February 2002
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