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Here is just about all I can tell you about body piercing. Most of this is based on my personal experiences, and some of a few close friends. Piercings in explicit body parts are shown... explicitly. If you are offended by imagery, you might try some of the less graphic body art offerings. I have also just added a Piercing Frequently Asked Questions that covers a lot of the basic questions that people ask me.

The body piercing list moves from the top of the body downwards....

Facial Piercing

NIPPLES - detailed info and pictures of piercings along with information on stretching nipple piercings to wear larger gauge jewelry.

NAVEL - belly button piercing and stretching navel piercings

For those of you looking for care and healing information for piercings, I've reproduced a piercing aftercare sheet from Body Manipulations. This is from the back of one of the releases that I got when being pierced at that establishment in 1992 here in San Francisco.


jewelry gauge









16ga .061" 1.290mm
14ga .064" 1.629mm
12ga .081" 2.052mm
10ga .102" 2.588mm
8ga .128" 3.264mm
6ga .162" 4.111mm
4ga .204" 5.189mm
2ga .257" 6.543mm
0ga .324" 8.230mm
00ga .364" 9.246mm

Here is a chart showing piercing gauges and various conversions of measurement. The average earring wire is 16-18ga. This thinness is ok for earrings only. The average minimum size recommended for any body piercing is 14ga. Thinner than 14ga on the body and you run the risk of the piercing slicing through the skin tissue. My ears have piercings that range from 18g to 2g. My body piercings run from 14g to 10g. I would like to have all my body piecings enlarged to 10g, which I find to be a nice size for myself.

Check out this body art!

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