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Champagne & Truffles Cloak

This was another project for my wearable art class in grad school. The assignment was to create a garment using no more than three points of attachment. You couldn't sew any of it, and it could have no more than three knots. I went through a bunch of historical costume books and a Grecian cloak caught my eye. The single 10 yard piece of fabric starts at the ground, goes up over one arm, swoops down to the floor, back up to the shoulder and down over the other arm. A single knot behind the neck secures the back, and braided cords wrap around each wrist and knot to secure the sleeves.

My apartment at the time was exactly 30 ft long, so I just layed out the entire piece of fabric and stamped the pattern down both sides using shoe polish daubers as stamps. The icing details were added after the 'truffle' base dried using squeeze bottles of metallic and glitter fabric paints.

champagne cloak

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