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I love arashi shibori, done by hand or with a smocking machine on a variety of weights of silk fabrics.

I have a BFA in Theater Arts/Costume and Makeup and an MFA in Fashion Textiles. I'm not that much into sewing, although I do enjoy a certain amount of handwork. I'm not really into sewing clothes, although I am jealous of my friends for whom making their own clothes is a painless joy. I like surface design. I like taking a smooth white surface and imparting depth and texture to it.

One of my favorite experimental surfaces is the scarf. They can be lightweight or heavy, thick or thin, long or short. An excellent item for those of us who like instant gratification. Although it's true that working on a single scarf can take a few weeks depending on your vision.

The top and middle pictures on the right are enlargements of two china silk scarves. The top one was wrapped by hand around a pvc pipe and bound with string as a resist. The blue/green one in the middle was smocked with a proper smocking machine and then brushed with a wax resist before dyeing.

A project that I've had going for a while now is developing a series of velvet scarves based on the processes of alchemical transformation. The bottom picture is of some of the beginning velvets for that series. Some are bound by hand and some are machine smocked and some are a combo of both.

shibori wrapped and dyed silk
smocked and dyed silk
dyed velvet strips

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