I'm not quite sure when I got started collecting masks. Pretty sure it was sometime in high school, and my mom may have had some hand in it, as she is an artist and collector herself and encouraged those behaviors.

CREATIONS - in addition to collecting masks, I create some of my own. I first got started in costume due to masks. Originally I went to college for film, but took a costume prerequisite just to be able to take a mask class, and there was no turning back after those two.

SQUIDOO MASK - this is a really fun mask I made out of the Squidoo Squid logo. It cost just a few dollars and only took about an hour.

THE GIANT SQUID HEAD - I was commissioned to build a giant "mascot" type head that resembled the Squidoo logo!

MASK COLLECTION - some photos to try and show the span of my collection

PURPLE FAERIE - one of my latest collection pieces, worn out for Halloween 2001 in the Castro

YIN/YANG MASK - one of the art masks in my collection. A gift from my father, this was created for a charity auction.

Shown at right is my latest creation, Nyx, Goddess of Night. I made her for the costume contest at the PantheaCon in February 2002.

Mask-Making Made Easy - I love masks, and have made and collected them for many years.  In this lens, I share some of my how-tos for mask-making plus pictures of the finished masks.  Mask-making is easier than you think! Need a mask right NOW?  If you've got...

Masks and Masked Rituals in World Cultures - Masks are used by many cultures around the world.  They can be made for art, for rituals of healing and for spiritual purposes.  Many mask traditions come with rich mythologies.  Often masks depict totem animals or deities of significa...

Movie Masks - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - There are many Movie Masks whose looks say as much about the characters as if we had seen the performers' whole faces. A mask can hide the hero's secret identity, it can enhance the menace of the villain and sometimes movie masks are just plain scary...


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