ReLâCHE Mask Collection:


This is most of my mask collection, as it hung in the hallway of my studio apartment downtown in San Francisco from fall of '92 until summer '96 when I moved to the Sunset District.

  1. Beaded spider mask from Japan - from Mom
  2. Chinese opera mask
  3. Korean mask - from Mom
  4. Japanese mask from Disneyworld
  5. Costa Rican mask - brought back from '93 trip
  6. Square mask face wall art
  7. "Happiness and Fear walking hand in hand" face
  8. Swiss wooden face with real cow teeth and hair
  9. Japanese mask made of tortoise shell with metal accents - from Mom
  10. Chinese opera mask
  11. Mexican mask
  12. Japanese Kabuki-style mask - from Mom
  13. Leather mask - made by artisan in Switzerland
  14. picture of masks
  15. Woven mask from Mexico - bought in Mystic, CT
mask collection

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