How To Make A Squidoo Squid Mask
Materials and Getting Ready:

Here is the sheet foam I used to make the mask. It's available at lots of art and craft stores. This foam was 2mm thick, which is the thinner size made, but if you think your mask needs to be sturdier, you can also easily use the 5mm thickness. It cost me about 50 cents a sheet as I got it on sale, but most often the foam isn't more than a $1-$2 per color at the regular price. (I also had a second sheet of orange in case I made a mistake and had to start over!)

I also had scissors, glue that would work on foam, a dark blue marker, a black marker, a white paper bag and some regular household tape. You will also need a printout of the Squidoo logo and access to a photocopier.

Step 1 - Enlarging The Squid

I took an image of the Squidoo logo and I used a photocopier to make it as big as I could on one sheet of paper. Based on your face size, how big you want to make the Squidoo Squid may vary a bit.

Step 2 - Making A Pattern

I used a white paper bag that we had in our recycling pile to make my paper pattern. I cut the bag so that it flattened out and then laid it over my enlarged image. I used a marker to trace around the entire body, the outside of the eye and the pupil.

On to cutting out and gluing the mask


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