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Cocoa Vest

This was a project done for a wearable art class that I took one summer in graduate school. I found a cheap vest at a thrift store: the back was drizzled with 'toppings' of paint with white chocolate leather trim glued on, and 'bon bon' button covers of beads, topped with cocoa feathers.

The theme that summer was Champagne and Truffles. Another project we did that summer involved making a garment out of fabric, and using no sewn points to shape it, and no more than three knots in any form. I made a vast Grecian draped robe with truffles stamped up and down the hem. Just over 10 yards of fabric, all left in one piece. It covered the entire living room floor, hallway floor and went into the kitchen of my studio apartment when I painted it.

cocoa vest

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