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  • A living adventure recorded in a tattoo
  • the body art of the rich and infamous
  • a few ancient takes on a popular symbol
  • Crystal's Collection
    • Kanji and a large Koi
  • DeVito's Tattoo Collection
    • tribal and celtic work
      • Tattooing is a form of skin art where pigment is permanently deposited below the skin surface, either by hand or machine methods.  This practice has been found all over the world during the last few thousand years, but it's only been in the last...
    • Dragon Tattoos
      • In both Western and Japanese culture, dragon tattoo designs are popular and powerful images.  Whether you want your dragon to be tribal style or full-color, a dainty ankle tattoo or an entire backpiece, dragon designs adapt well to tattooing.
      • You'll find links for how-to tattoo, apprenticeships, shop supplies (machines, inks, flash/designs, gear), links to legal resources, and listings for tattooists wanted!
    • Tribal Tattoos
      • This lens will show you the history of tribal tattooing and explore the modern stylizations of these designs.  It has information on Borneon, Polynesian, Maori, Hawaiian and more styles of tribal tattoos.
    • The Tattoo Parlour Headquarters
      • Welcome to THE TATTOO PARLOUR! This group is for tattoo enthusiasts on both sides of the needle! If you're researching getting a tattoo, come on in and look around. You'll find lots of tattoo info and design ideas. If you're a tatto...
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